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$35 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Sacramento By Family of Stephon Clark

Posted by Robert Walch | Jan 29, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Sacramento Wrongful Death Police Shooting

We recently blogged about a large $7 Million wrongful death police shooting settlement against the city of Sacramento and now the California state capital is being hit with another multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit by the family of Stephon Clark to the tune of $35 Million. 22 year-old Clark was shot and killed by Sacramento police back in March 2018 and leaves behind two young children. The Sacramento police wrongful death lawsuit alleges negligence, battery, false imprisonment and failure to summon medical attention.

The Los Angeles Times reports on the details of the fatal shooting noting that the two officers, "fired 20 rounds at Clark, hitting him at least 8 times, including several shots to his back. Clark, who was holding only his cell phone, died at his home in the Meadowview neighborhood...Video footage released by the Sacramento Police Department in April showed that officers waited almost five minutes after firing their weapons to approach Clark and deliver medical aid. Officers were apparently concerned that he was armed and playing dead."

Deadly and non-deadly police shootings always bring certain things into question like the circumstances that caused the police to use deadly force and whether their individual and collective training are adequate. What does it take to file a winning personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against a city police department such as Sacramento or Los Angeles? It is a lot of the same evidence as if you were filing against an individual using deadly force but there is usually a lot more money on the line because cities have insurance policies dedicated to paying out families and individuals that suffer from their mistakes or overuse of force. 

When seeking a high number like $35 Million, the family is looking to have a court impose punitive damages on the Sacramento police department. Most wrongful death and personal injury cases are not eligible for punitive damages but when they are they are something that we as a Los Angeles wrongful death law firm seek out aggressively. Not only do punitive damages help provide additional compensation for the grieving family but they also inspire reform on the part of the defendant. Wrongful death lawsuits are not just about the money, many of our clients feel an incredible sense of closure and justice following a winning suit. 

Have you or a loved one been a victim of a police shooting (or other incident) that caused injuries or death? If so, let's talk. We are a Calabasas-based wrongful death law firm that practices throughout the state of California and would love to help you during this difficult time. Our 95%+ winning record speaks for itself-- set up your totally free consultation with the friendly lawyers at Walch Law today! Time is of the essence with any Los Angeles wrongful death case but this is especially true when it comes to suing police or cities. Do not delay in taking this important step in your financial recovery and holding them responsible!

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