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$417 Million Judgement Against Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

Posted by Robert Walch | Aug 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

A Los Angeles jury just handed down the biggest damages award to date against Johnson and Johnson for their failure to warn about possible cancer risks in their baby powder products. How huge? $417 Million huge. While this verdict represents the first California case to go to trial, Bloomberg reports that there are currently 5,500 cases throughout the US against Johnson & Johnson.

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Plaintiff Eva Echiveverria started using Johnson & Johnson baby powder products when she was 11 years old and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2007. $347 Million of the $417 Million verdict represent punitive damages. 

Here's a look at some FAQ's related to Johnson and Johnson baby powder and cancer:

What is talcum powder? The main ingredient in Johnson & Johnson baby powder, talcum powder, is a soft powder substance made of the mineral talc. Smooth and moisture-absorbing, talcum powder is used in everything from baby powder to cosmetics.

Do Johnson & Johnson products cause cancer? While the health care juggernaut continues to insist otherwise, the verdicts against them and research seems to draw a convincing link between the use of talcum powder (found in their baby powder and other products) in the genitalia area and ovarian cancer. Some of the more damaging evidence presented against J&J at multiple trials has been a direct warning they received back in 1994 from the Cancer Prevention Coalition and an internal memo from a medical consultant from 1997.  The fact that J&J was at least put on notice multiple times is certainly informing these very large punitive damage awards. 

What do I do if I used talcum powder and now diagnosed with ovarian cancer? You do two things-- focus on your health and get in touch with us immediately. As this and other recent cases against J&J have shown- there is a lot of money available to those individuals that can show the necessary connection and injuries as a result of using their baby powder and other talc-based products. This money can help with everything from reimbursing your medical bills to compensating you and your loved ones for the changes in your quality of life as a result of a cancer diagnosis. 

At Walch Law, we have the experience and resources you want handling your baby powder personal injury lawsuit. We take all our cases on a contingency fee basis and will work hard to make sure that you get the results you deserve. We are available 24/7 so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

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