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All Treats, No Tricks! Stay Safe This Halloween

Posted by Robert Walch | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Halloween is upon us and what that should mean is candy, costumes and spooky decor. What is should not mean are car accidents, sidewalk falls and other personal injuries that always seem to rise on October 31. With that in mind, here's a look at some of the most common Halloween injuries and how to avoid them:

  1. Pedestrian Accidents: With kids young and old walking on the streets, it is no surprise that pedestrian car accidents are always on the rise. The way to stay safe is to make sure you stay visible and on the sidewalk rather than the street. Be sure to be in a costume others can see, carry a flashlight if it's dark or go out during the daylight hours when it is easier to see.
  2. Slip and Fall: City streets and sidewalks are not always easy to walk on. Ironic, we know. So while out and about having Halloween fun, make sure you are paying attention to the ground below you. Similar to the tips for avoiding getting hit by a car, the best way to avoid a slip and fall is to hit the town while the sun is still up. The same goes for going from house to house in pursuit of candy and other treats-- venturing our during the day rather than at night helps to make those uneven surfaces and others dangers much more visible...and avoidable!
  3. Costume Injuries: Cute and festive, there are a lot of ways a costume can turn into an injury. Take the swords, canes and other accessories so many costumes come with-- these can easily cause major eye or other injuries. Another major issue that happens every Halloween has to do with the safety of the costumes themselves. More specifically, Halloween costumes coming into contact with Jack-o-Lanterns will literally burst into flames if you are not careful. Staying clear of open flames is the only way to make sure the costume does not turn into a nightmare. While candles are fun and festive, they are also very dangerous so not only should you avoid them for the safety of your own costume but also at your own house where you might be entertaining or  getting some trick-or-treaters. 

Here at Walch Law, we hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and safe Halloween this year. And if you find yourself or your child dealing with an injury, you know where to find us.

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