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Babies Scarred By Bed Bugs Gets $1.6 Million

Posted by Robert Walch | Apr 09, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Rashes on an infant baby can be many things-- eczema, food allergies, dermatitis-- to name a few. So when Southern California infant Juanita Maravilla and then her toddler brother Jorge Maravilla both developed mysterious and itchy red rashes all over their bodies after moving to their new apartment building in Inglewood, California (Kahala Islander Apartments), their parents were very worried. Ultimately, it was discovered that the family of four was living with bed bugs and the scars that resulted on the children's delicate skin finally resulted in a $1.6 Million verdict.

People reports on the details of this Inglewood bed bug personal injury case, "They never seemed to heal because Jorge would scratch and he would bleed out again. It was hard for him not to scratch. He was only three years old so he didn't know. Even though I told him not to scratch, when we would turn around he would be scratching. He always had bloody arms and legs." And all that scratching led to some serious scarring that the family is not sure where ever completely heal. 

The sizable verdict takes into account the insufficient reaction of the managing apartment company, the toll on the family and the medical needs of Jorge to deal with his scarring. The $1.6 Million bed bug personal injury lawsuit represents the largest bed bug verdict for a single family in U.S. History.

Getting compensated for the scars that result from a personal injury are just one of the many areas of recovery possible in a range of California personal injury lawsuits. And scarring is extremely common and can can issues that go far beyond (or below) the aesthetics. When it comes to children, juries and courts are especially sensitive. Apartment buildings and landlords have a wide range of duties they owe to their paying tenants and their failure to respond appropriately can cause medical issues or death. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you might have a personal injury case on your hands and should give the lawyers at Walch Law a call immediately. We can get you much-needed funds to help get you out of your current situation and recover from your injuries. CALL NOW

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