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Calabasas Whiplash Legal Tips

Posted by Robert Walch | Aug 01, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Calabasas Whiplash Lawyer

If you have been injured in a Calabasas car accident, chances are you have at least a mild whiplash on your list of injuries and pain. The immediate and jarring impact of even a very slow moving car accident causes your neck to move in an unnatural motion and range known as a whiplash. For some, the pain of whiplash wears off after a week, for others it does not even show itself for a couple weeks and for those more seriously injured, it cases a lifetime of pain. 

Here's a look at our top Calabasas whiplash legal tips:

  1. See a doctor: Any time you are in a Calabasas car accident with injuries you NEED to go see a doctor. Why? Well there's a medical reason and a legal reason. The medical reason for seeing a doctor after a serious car accident is centered around your recovery. You may not be feeling all your injuries or you might not know just how bad they are-- a doctor can help make sure you are fully checked out and on the right road to recovery. From a legal standpoint, seeing a doctor following your car accident (even if you were taken to the ER via an ambulance) significantly strengthens your overall case by providing professional assessments of the damage the accident caused on your physical shape. It also helps to show the other side that you take your physical and financial recovery seriously. Think of if this way-- even if you are seriously injured, how do you think an insurance company is going to respond to a $100,000 personal injury demand if you never even saw a doctor. They are going to laugh at it and think you couldn't be that injured if you didn't see one. 
  2. Listen to your body: We don't blame you for wanting to get back into the swing of things following an accident but don't overdo it because that will ultimately leave you sidelined for much longer than you were going to be originally. If your car accident whiplash injuries are bugging you, take some advil and give yourself some much needed rest.
  3. Call Walch Law: We are here to help with your Calabasas whiplash injuries and any other injuries you may have sustained in your recent car accident. Some of the more common car accident injuries we have helped our many happy clients recover for include: head injuries, chest injuries, back injuries and even emotional issues stemming from a traumatic car accident. If you were injured in a Calabasas or Los Angeles area car accident that was not completely your fault (California is a comparative negligence state), your case is worth money and we are here to maximize your recovery. The sooner you call us, the stronger your case and the faster we can help get you paid.

Extreme soreness, neck stiffness and consistent headaches are the most common symptoms associated with car accident whiplash. How much a whiplash injury is worth depends on the nature of your car accident, the persistence of your whiplash injuries (for instance, are they temporary or going to be a lifelong issue), how much you have spent and will spend on medical needs to care for your whiplash and if you have incurred other financial damages such as missed work or disability as a result of the accident. As you can see from that list, a whiplash injury can in many instances be worth a substantial amount of money. Give us a call today- 1-844-999-LEGAL

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