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Dealing With Delayed Car Accident Pain

Posted by Robert Walch | Jan 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Delayed car crash injuries- what can you do?

You get into a serious Los Angeles or Ventura County car accident but you feel mostly fine so you assume that the damage mostly has to do with your car and not your body. But weeks or months later you start to have various pains you never had before and quickly realize that the source of the pain is from your Los Angeles car accident. What can you do? This type of latent pain is much more common than you think and something that your medical and legal team are here to help you with from a pain management and financial standpoint. Get in touch with a Los Angeles car crash lawyer and your physician immediately to make sure everything is diagnosed and necessary personal injury claims are filed in time.

Dealing with delayed car accident pain

One piece of advice you will see everywhere when it comes to what you should do following a car accident is to go see a doctor and document everything. If you weren't feeling any major pain after your Los Angeles car accident then the chances you saw a doctor were probably pretty slim but once the pain starts, so too should the doctor appointments. Some of the more common car accident injuries that might be delayed in their symptoms, include:

  • Whiplash: this extremely common car accident neck injury is often delayed in fully showing up for many car accident victims but can cause everything from stiffness and soreness to headaches to limited range of motion. 
  • Headaches: many of the soft tissue injuries that come up following a car accident (i.e. whiplash, back pain, neck pain) also result in some serious headaches as the muscles around the injury flare up. These headaches should not be taken lightly because not medically treating them could mean that they persist, get worse or be a sign of some bigger issue like TBI
  • Emotional issues: PTSD and other emotional issues following a serious car accident are incredibly common and nothing to brush aside. The adrenaline and relief following a serious crash can make car accident victims not realize just how much the crash impacted them on an emotional level.

Here's what you need to know about delayed car accident pain and your opportunity to still file a personal injury lawsuit- DO NOT sign anything until you get in touch with a Los Angeles car crash lawyer immediately. Signing any type of car accident settlement offer with insurance means that you are signing away any opportunity to file a claim related to your injuries stemming from the accident. As long as you have not signed that release yet, you can still get paid for your injuries even if you originally reported that you did not have any. At Walch Law, we can help get you paid for your accident.

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