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First Southwest Personal Injury Suit Filed Following Fatal Flight

Posted by Robert Walch | Apr 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Southwest made all the wrong headlines earlier this month when an engine failed twenty minutes into an otherwise routine flight from New York to Dallas. One passenger died as a result of injuries and now another has filed the first of what might be many large personal injury lawsuits against the Texas-based airline. California traveler Lilia Chavez has filed a lawsuit against Southwest alleging PTSD and other injuries stemming from flight 1380.

KTLA 5 reports on the airplane personal injury lawsuit, "Chavez's lawsuit states that Southwest and the manufactuer of the engine showed a disregard in ensuring the safety of passengers because instead of warning passengers or removing the "dangerous engine," Southwest continued to operate commercial air carrier services."  In her suit, Chavez alleges a range of emotional issues stemming from the incident, including "post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, emotional distress, depression and personal injuries to her body."

Airplane and airport injuries happen every day and many of them do result in a tremendous amount of emotional distress. When you file a personal injury claim based mostly or entirely on various types of emotional distress the showing requirement is much the same had it been a physical injury like a broken bone-- the incident the defendant caused or contributed to (in this case, the traumatic engine failure) was the result of negligence on their part and directly caused major emotional injuries. Showing emotional injuries involves working with medical professional to document the nature and extent of your injuries. In the case of Lilia Chavez, her doctors will likely provide evidence that shows all of her issues, makes the connection between the event and her emotional distress and then it is up to her attorneys to prove that the airline and the other defendant's named in this airplane personal injury claim were negligent and could have prevented the accident that took place mid-air. Ultimately, this will likely be the first of many personal injury (and one wrongful death) lawsuits stemming from the Southwest engine explosion.

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