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How Long Does A Calabasas Car Accident Lawsuit Take

Posted by Robert Walch | May 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

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With a population of just under 30,000 Calabasas car accident within the city limits and to our residents outside the city limits almost every day. If you have been injured in a Calabasas car accident that was not your fault or not completely your fault, then the decision to file a personal injury lawsuit with Walch Law should be a given. Get in touch with us now.

How long will by Calabasas car accident lawsuit take is one of the most common questions we get from clients just after asking how much their case is worth. And rightfully so, the financial impact a serious Calabasas car accident can have on you and your family can be tremendous and the more days that go by without a payment means the further and further you get into debt. We get it and work hard to maximize your settlement as absolutely quickly as possible. Here are some important things to know about any California car accident timeline:

  • Don't settle: Especially when you have a really clear case you will probably get a quick low-ball offer from the other party that can be very tempting when you need the money. Do not take this offer until you talk to Walch Law. These insurance offers are an attempt to capitalize on your lack of legal representation and need for money-- working with us means you will likely get significantly more money.
  • Collect evidence: the more evidence you have together and organized, the faster we can do our job. Write down your entire recollection of what happened, have your doctors names and hospitals written down and bring along any pictures or additional witness information you might have. 
  • Settlement versus trial: Settlements always happen faster than trials and for that reason and many others the overwhelming majority of cases reach an agreement well before they would go to trial and that is usually good news for you. If you do have a case that is going to trial it will take longer and something that we can help to adjust the timeline expectations around when it is at that point.
  • Insurance policy limits: in most cases, we will be going after the maximum of the other party's insurance and if there is a need, your under-insured policy as well. Cases can take a bit longer when we are trying to max out both (as opposed to one) policies but the good news is that means a lot more money for you. 

Following a serious Calabasas car accident, we are here to help get you paid and give you the peace of mind you need to make sure that you can solely concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery. Car accident settlement money is intended to help put you back into the financial position you were in before the accident, take care of your ongoing medical needs and compensate you for the trauma of the accident. In some rare cases the money you get may also be aimed at punishing the defendant in the form of punitive damages. 

If you have been in a Calabasas or San Fernando Valley car accident and looking for a lawyer, get in touch with Walch Law today to discuss your case further. Always available to our clients we only take cases on a contingency fee basis meaning we don't get paid until we get you paid. We look forward to speaking with you!

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