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Top 5 Los Angeles Slip and Fall FAQ's

Posted by Robert Walch | Jun 07, 2018 | 0 Comments

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We handle a lot of Calabasas slip and fall accidents. They are incredibly common injuries and can also be worth a lot of money-- money that can help those people injured in this manner pay for medical bills and much more. Translation: If you have been injured while visiting a business, falling at your apartment building or tripped on a city sidewalk-- it is always worth your time to get in touch with Walch Law to find out if you have a case. It only takes one call.

Los Angeles Slip and Fall FAQ'S

Anytime you are dealing with a serious or deadly personal injury accident, you will have a lot of questions about the potential legal process you are about to embark on and rightfully so-- the law is very confusing and intimidating. Here's a look at some of the most frequently asked Los Angeles slip and fall questions we get from our clients:

  1. How do I know if I have a slip and fall case? We can tell you and usually also let you know a good ballpark of what your case is worth when we get a little more details about who the defendant might be. Even if you fell at your own house but it was because a contractor did a bad job of installing a hand-railing or something related to a professional service gone wrong, you very well might have a case. 
  2. How do I find the best Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer? Everyone wants an attorney that will make their life easy and maximize their financial recovery. We can do that for you. We have the resources of a large law firm and the personal touch and availability of a small firm as well as 40 years of experience helping victims of slip and fall accidents get back on their feet. 
  3. How much does a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer cost? Here's the best news-- we do not cost a penny until we get you paid. We pay all the fees associated with filing a case and handle absolutely everything. When we are done and you are happy with the settlement amount (or in the rare case you go to trial), we take our agreed upon and very fair contingency fee-- usually around 33%. This type of contingency fee arrangement is helpful to everyone-- you are not out of pocket while we are dealing with your case and because we get paid a % of what we recover for you we are highly incentivized to work hard to get you the absolute highest amount possible for your accident. 
  4. How long do I have to file a Los Angeles slip and fall case? In most scenarios you have 2 years from when the accident happened but we really recommend calling us as soon as possible. Why? Not only can we help get you paid faster but evidence is always best fresh so calling us shortly after the serious accident allows us to get photos, statements and other pieces of powerful evidence against the landowner while it is still fresh and in the condition it was when you fell. The time limitation for filing a California personal injury lawsuit is known as the statute of limitations and there are special exceptions for medical malpractice cases and when the suit is against a government agency. 
  5. How do I prepare to meet with a slip and fall lawyer? Your initial and every other conversation with us as your lawyers is absolutely free. The most helpful thing you can do to prepare to meet with the lawyers at Walch Law is to write down your full recollection of what happened and how as well as bring along your medical records. Our meetings are designed to learn about your accident, answer your questions and inform you about our process. We meet when you want to and how you do. After a serious accident or death, we know that coming to an office may not be an option so we are available over phone, text, Skype and email as well and can come to you as well. 

After all the questions around a slip and fall lawsuit are answered there is always the same response-- our clients did not realize just how easy working with Walch Law is. We do everything and you work on feeling better. We are available 24/7 so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you!

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Partner Robert Walch is passionate about helping individuals and families that are dealing with the aftermath of a serious personal injury or wrongful death accident. Robert has been working at Walch Law since 2000 and has developed a reputation as a caring and compassionate attorney that keeps his clients in the loop on the progress of their case and works hard to get the best results possible. Robert is a huge reason why the Walch Law Firm has a success rate of over 95% on their serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.


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