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Los Angeles Uber/Lyft Car Accident

There are two basic scenarios when dealing with a Los Angeles Uber or Lyft car accident-- either you were riding in one of these popular ride-sharing cars and were hit as a passenger or you got hit by one in a car accident. Uber and Lyft car accidents happen every day in Southern California and Walch Law is here to help make sure you get paid for your injuries and more.

Uber/Lyft Passenger Car Accident Legal Help

What are your legal rights as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft that has gotten into a car accident? Here's a look at your legal options depending on whether or not you had injuries as a passenger in a Los Angeles Uber or Lyft.

  • No injuries: if you did not sustain any injuries in the Uber car accident then you should at least take the important step of reporting the accident to uber (a feature within the app) and getting your money back from the ride.
  • Uber injuries accident: More often than not, a Uber or Lyft passenger sustains at least some type of injury in the accident. Whether it is temporary car accident whiplash or something much more serious, you should file a personal injury lawsuit against the car insurance of the Uber driver and/or the other driver involved in the ridesharing car crash. As with any serious car accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention for your pains and injuries. Then call us.

How Uber/Lyft Passenger Car Accidents Differ

How does an Uber or Lyft passenger car accident differ from a typical car accident personal injury claim? While the defendant will be insurance companies one of the key differences is that you will get paid for your case because it was not your fault. Even if the accident is found to be 100% the fault of the Uber driver, you will get paid by their Uber car insurance. 

While Uber drivers are required to carry their own car insurance for off-duty purposes (it is their personal car as well), when they are on the app accepting rides they carry a $50,000 policy limit and when they have you in their car as a paying passenger, they are required to carry a $1 Million insurance policy limit. Both these policies are written by James River Insurance.

Similar to any car accident with or without a ridesharing vehicle involved is a look at liability between the two cars (or more) that hit each other. While your role as a passenger in an Uber Los Angeles ca accident may be different, insurance companies trying to pay as little as possible and admit as little liability as possible remains the same as it always does. Just because Uber has these high insurance policies available in the case of an accident their driver is at least partially responsible for does not mean that the insurance company will not try to fight it down to as low as absolutely possible.It is for this reason and many others that you are probably searching for the best Los Angeles Uber passenger car accident lawyer

Ridesharing is extremely popular in Los Angeles and throughout all of Southern California as a quicker and less stressful alternative to driving and dealing with parking on your own. That convenience goes away when the driver paid to get you from A to B gets into a car accident with you in tow. If you are looking for a lawyer to help with your Uber or Lyft passenger car accident, look no further than Walch Law. We handle serious and deadly ride share car accidents throughout California and will work hard to maximize your settlement. We are always available for a free consultation so do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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