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New Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Jennifer Aniston's Honeymoon

Posted by Robert Walch | Aug 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Jennifer Aniston's highly anticipated 2015 backyard nuptials to fellow actor Justin Theroux was followed by a friend-filled honeymoon at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora. Unfortunately, the lively celebration honeymoon ended in death when the naked body of 28 year-old assistant Carmel Musgrove washed up on shore after a day and night of alcohol and drugs. Musgrove's family is now suing her former boss, Hollywood Producer Joel Silver, along with his personal Chef and production company for her death.

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People reports on the details of the recently filed wrongful death lawsuit, "According to the lawsuit, Musgrove's death was the result of a number of factors including over consumption of alcohol, consumption of cocaine, fatigue caused by overwork, heatstroke after the fishing trip and a midnight swim after unfavorable weather conditions."

Musgrove's family is placing the blame on multiple people in this wrongful death lawsuit-- how does that work? Like many California wrongful death cases, there can be a lot of contributing factors and individuals that lead to an avoidable death. In this case, the family believes that it was not a single action that caused their daughter's death, but a serious of negligent actions by multiple named parties that ultimately caused her death. According to the lawsuit, the family alleges the following roles of the various parties:

  • Joel Silver- As Musgrove's boss, the suit alleges that he overworked her to the point of major fatigue and exhaustion and also supplied her with alcohol during a fishing trip (and beyond) that then lead to heat stroke.
  • Martin Herod- Herod was brought along as the personal chef of Silver and also gave drugs (marijuana and cocaine) to Musgrove the night of her death. 

Like many high-profile Hollywood cases, it is very likely that while the allegations of the lawsuit have been made public, the settlement (if there is one) will remain private. At 28, Musgrove falls into a category of wrongful death cases that could potentially end with a very high settlement payment if successful in their claims because her earning potential and employment years is so high. 

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