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What You Should Do Following An Injury

Posted by Gary Walch | Jun 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury is not only physically and emotionally draining, it can also have a huge impact on your finances as well. Doctors bills, missed get the point. Knowing what to do following an injury can not only help calm your nerves in the moment and speed up your recovery in the long run but can also help make sure you get the highest financial recovery available to you as well.

Here's a look at some top tips for what to do following an injury:

  1. Put Yourself First: There's a reason that airlines remind you every time you fly to put your oxygen mask on yourself before you do anything else. Putting your physical recovery first is something you should do throughout the entire process. For starters, it will make you feel better faster. It will also help with your emotional well-being. While this can be a very hard thing to do, you do not want to exacerbate or prolong your recovery by ignoring the things your body is telling you so make sure you slow down and listen to your body and do not miss important medical appointments.
  2. Stay put: Whether it is a car accident or an injury that occurs on public or private property if you are in a position to stay at the scene of the accident until evidence and statements are collected, you should.
  3. Collect evidence: Evidence is always best fresh so make sure that you talk to relevant witnesses and take pictures! Every accident is different but this can include things like exchanging contact information and snapping some photos of the accident or injuries on your smartphone. You also want to take a moment and write down your recollection of the events as close to the event as you can. All these items will be valuable to making sure you get the financial recovery you deserve.
  4. Get in Touch With An Attorney At Walch Law, we are here to help. We handle every aspect of your legal case and we can also help put you in touch with our extensive network of doctors to make sure you are getting the medical attention you need. Working with an attorney will be one of the best decisions you make during this important time-- not only can an experienced personal injury attorney make sure that your financial recovery is in line with your needs and expectations but it will handle everything having to do with insurance and the other parties giving you the opportunity to truly put yourself first.

When you hire Walch Law Firm to handle your case, you are hiring family. A father-son law firm, we understand how difficult this time is and work hard to get your case handled as quickly as possible. We are always available for our clients. Dealing with a personal injury and not sure what to do or if you want to work with an attorney? Give us a call and let's chat more about your case and how we can help.

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Founding Partner, Gary Walch, has built his entire professional legal practice around helping victims of serious personal injuries and wrongful death accidents. With over 40 years of experience he has built a reputation among his clients and the legal community for both his self and his law firm as someone you go to when you want results and help.


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