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SAR Automation Hit With a $8.8 Million Wrongful Death Verdict

Posted by Robert Walch | Aug 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

A Charleston jury recently found Georgia-based SAR Automation liable to the tune of $8.8 Million for the death of one of it's employees back in 2013. 38 year-old David Priester Jr. fell from a moving elevated platform designed by SAR automation for the Boeing plant while he was working on the body of a Dreamliner plane.

Photo provided by Priester Family

The Post and Courier report on the details of the fatal fall, "Boeing hired SAR to program the computer that controlled 18 movable slides on the platform, according to court documents. SAR, without Boeing's knowledge, failed to program several safety features, including warning lights and sirens to prevent accidents."   

Priester died from the brain injuries related to the eighteen foot fall. The wrongful death lawsuit filed by Priester's widow represents an opportunity for her to recover for the huge financial loss she has now been forced to deal with. Damages in this case represent not only the loss but also server to set an example. Here's a look at what I mean by that:

  • Lost wages: At only 38, Priester had a long work life in front of him and his death means that his wife and family could no longer rely on his steady income and other benefits. Some  lost wages and future earnings analysis are hard (children, stay at home moms, etc), in this case it was an easier forecasting by the legal team handling the case because he was in the prime of his career.
  • Medical expenses: Priester did not die immediately but was taken to the hospital before he ultimately succumbed to his injuries, reflected in the $8.8 Million are these expenses.
  • Funeral expenses: the burial and funeral can costs tens of thousands of dollars depending on the wishes of the family and again an expense they should not have to handle
  • Loss of companionship: no amount of money can replace an individual but what the high damages award is trying to do is take into account not just the financial contributions and expenses but the other things that will never be the same, like the loss of companionship
  • Inspire change: Avoidable deaths like this should never happen and hopefully the large payout SAR has to pay to the family will inspire the type of safety changes that can save lives. 

Work should be a safe place for everyone and when major injuries or death happen, it should not be the employee or family of the employee that suffers. If you are dealing with a workplace accident or death, do not hesitate to get in touch with us immediately to discuss your legal options. We have the experience, approach and success record you want fighting for you and your family. Time is of the essence to get a personal injury or wrongful death case filed, the sooner you reach our the faster we can get started fighting for you.  

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