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Suicide Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against JP Morgan Chase

Posted by Robert Walch | Apr 03, 2018 | 0 Comments

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This is not your typical banking lawsuit-- if it was we probably wouldn't be writing about it on our California personal injury blog! Banking powerhouse JP Morgan has recently been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit following the suicide of one of their longtime brokers, 66 year-old Michael Lorig. Alleging that Lorig became depressed after being forced to retire, the wrongful death lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages.

Insurance Journal provides more details on the lawsuit, "Michael A. Lorig suffered from depression and mental illness and the bank pressured him to retire rather than granting him long term disability so he could be treated." Lorig previously took disability time to deal with depression and other personal issues on two different occasions-- in 1989 and 2001 and the complaint alleges that his mental health issues were known within his professional community.

Can you file a wrongful death lawsuit for a suicide. Yes but these cases are incredibly complicated since the ultimate killing was undertaken by the individual himself. Here, as in most suicide wrongful death cases, the argument is that the defendant acted in a way that caused the suicide. In the case of Lorig, the court will look at whether JP Morgan was wrong in forcing a retirement rather than offering disability and the connection that decision had in the depression and suicide. Suicide wrongful death has been a hot topic lately with Michelle Carter named a defendant in a suicide following explicit text messages and actor Jim Carrey named in a wrongful death case following the suicide of his girlfriend. 

Wrongful death cases take many forms, including suicide and filing a case is not purely financial.  Many families also feel a strong sense of justice in holding another party responsible for the death. From deadly Los Angeles car accidents to pharmaceutical drug deaths to slip and falls we handle and win California wrongful death cases. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and want to know more about your legal options, get in touch with Walch Law today for an absolutely free consultation. We take all of our cases on a contingency fee basis meaning you don't pay us a penny until we get you paid. Get in touch with us now

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