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Top 5 Los Angeles Slip and Fall Accidents

Posted by Robert Walch | Mar 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Over the four decades we have been practicing Los Angeles personal injury law, we have seen and successfully handled thousands of Los Angeles slip and fall cases. Some against cities and other government entities, some against private citizens and some against stores and companies. While they happen in a lot of different ways, the common thread for any successful Los Angeles slip and fall case is this-- someone was injured because of a dangerous condition on a property. Whether or not the dangerous condition was permanent or temporary, known or unknown does not make or break a case. If you have been seriously injured following a fall and think or know you have a case- get in touch with Walch Law today to discuss the matter further. 

What are the most common types of Los Angeles slip and fall accidents? Here are the top 5...

  1. Bad floor conditions: Wet and uneven floors at a house, store or building result in serious and sometimes deadly falls that are not your fault. If this has happened to you or a loved one, especially at a public place of  business then you need to get in touch with Walch Law immediately. 
  2. Poor lighting: When you can't see well, it is no surprise that a fall or even walking into something that seriously injuries you is bound to happen. Poor lighting is such an easy fix for a company or building but something too often neglected by the owner until someone complains or gets seriously injured. 
  3. Maintenance issues: faulty hand railings, cracks in the flooring and other maintenance issues are some of the most obvious fixers companies and homeowners can make...but don't. Many defendants will try to quickly cover up the maintenance issue that caused the injury or death which is why it is extremely important to try to document your fall as best you can (pictures, etc) and to get in touch with us immediately. 
  4. Parking lots: The truth is-- a lot of businesses just don't pay the adequate level of attention to their parking lots and other areas outside their business. The lack of attention combined with the business of this area of the property means that it not only results in a lot of slip and fall accidents as well but also pedestrian accidents where one driver or walker is not paying attention and gets hit. For more on what happens when you get hit by a car while you are walking in Los Angeles, click here
  5. Other property dangers: The truth is, a major Los Angeles slip and fall accident can happen pretty much anywhere. For instance, it may be one of those rare rainy days in Los Angeles and the entrance to a building is extremely slippery and causes a fall-- the failure of a business to keep that area dry (when they know it is very likely wet) and/or warn patrons of the slippery condition is enough to file a winning lawsuit in many cases. Some properties have dangerous conditions all over them that result in issues and if you think you might have a personal injury case then it is always worth your time to schedule your free consultation with us.

Here's the bottom line when it comes to most Los Angeles slip and fall accidents-- they are completely avoidable had the property owner fixed the problem and/or warned visitors of the dangerous condition. Slip and fall accidents can be very serious resulting in substantial medical bills, time away from work and even permanent disability and death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California, give us a call immediately to discuss the matter further. We look forward to hearing from you.

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