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Top 5 Reasons More Los Angeles Car Accidents Occur In The Summer

Posted by Robert Walch | Jun 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Summer is upon us and while that brings a lot of fun things to look forward to it also brings one very big thing to look out for-- a big increase in Los Angeles car accidents. There's always a spike in serious and deadly Los Angeles car accidents every year summer rolls around and the reasons why should not be all that surprising to you...

Here's a look at the top five reasons more Los Angeles car accidents occur in the summer than any other time of year:

  1. Young Drivers on the Road: Teen drivers hit the roads during this time of year. Whereas this class of novice and accident-prone drivers is usually in school during the majority of driving hours up until this point, now teenagers are driving throughout the city of Los Angeles at all hours of the day. 
  2. Heat: You can already feel the June gloom disappearing in favor of rising temperatures and while the hear is nice when you are at Santa Monica beach, it can be tough for cars to handle. High temperatures correlates to more cars breaking down and when these breakdowns happen suddenly, a rear-end or multi-car accident is very likely to happen. Try to avoid this happening to you by making sure that your car is in good working order and has plenty of coolant. 
  3. Construction: There's always a lot of city and state-wide construction projects going on throughout Los Angeles roadways and freeways in the summer and the reduced road capacity can often lead to minor and major car accidents when drivers fail to adjust to the construction limitations. It doesn't take much of a distraction for a driver to miss a sign or a slowdown and case an accident. 
  4. Parties: While there's always a peak in DUI-based Los Angeles car accidents over 4th of July and Labor Day weekend, there's also an overall increase in these types of accidents in the summer. The weather is nice and the drinks are flowing so it is important that you are very careful whenever you are driving in LA and think another driver might be intoxicated. 
  5. Crowds: The increased congestion on Los Angeles roadways in the summer is another reason for an increase in accidents. The math on this one is simple- more cars= more accidents.

What do you do if you have been in a Los Angeles summertime car accident? First and foremost, you get the medical attention you need. Taking care of yourself first will not only help to speed up your physical and emotional recovery but it will also help with your car accident claim. These medical records become important pieces of evidence to build your strongest case possible. When you are ready, you call Walch Law to handle your case. Based in Calabasas but taking clients throughout California, we are a team of highly successful San Fernando Valley car accident lawyers that will get you the results you want as quickly as possible. You have two years in California to file a lawsuit but the sooner you call us the sooner we can get started-- get in touch with us today to schedule your FREE consultation. 

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