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What Evidence Is Used In A California Car Accident Case?

Posted by Robert Walch | Dec 05, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Car accident cases are not as simple as you might think. Just because someone hit you and should pay for the damage and injuries that they caused does not mean that they (usually their insurance company) will not fight you every step of the way by offering an extremely low offer or flat out refusing to cooperate. For that reason alone, it always pays tot work with an experienced California car accident law firm like Walch Law. Many insurance companies will try to quickly offer victims of car accidents a low ball number before they have a chance to get in touch with an attorney and/or really put together how much their case is worth. Do not accept this number!

Evidence and attorneys with experience working on car accidents are what can greatly help you get the maximum recovery. Clients always want to know how much their case is worth and the evidence presented plays a huge role in helping to answer that important question. Here's a look at the various types of evidence used in California ca accident cases:

  • YOU: your own recollection of the accident is a very powerful piece of evidence. For this reason, as soon as you are able to, write down all the details you remember before, after and during the accident. If you can, taking photos immediately after the accident are also extremely helpful.
  • Witnesses: Whether a passenger in your car or another driver or bystander, witness recollection of the accident is also extremely helpful in piecing together the sequence of events and establishing liability. The more witnesses the better!
  • Vehicle damage: Even a minor car accident can result in some major damage and where you were hit on your car can help corroborate how things happened. Working with the body shop your car is taken to also provides evidence of the financial damage your car sustained-- a very important number to have!
  • Police reports: Think of this as part of the witnesses you are putting together. Official reports by police and first medical responders
  • Medical records: Your medical records and recommendations from your doctors play a huge role in helping to shape your financial recovery following a car accident. Ultimately, the goal of a car accident claim is to make sure that you are being compensated for the full scope of damages the accident caused you and your medical needs are almost always the highest figure in these cases. Your medical records give us a concrete number to show the other party of the help you have needed to physically recover currently and going forward. 
  • Expert testimony: Experts can be used from everything from accident reconstruction to medical and provide a valuable addition to a lot of cases, especially when the other side is particularly difficult. We work with a wonderful team of some of the best experts around to make sure that we are always presenting your best case possible.

If you were in an accident caused in full or part by another driver, you should seek compensation for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. Want to learn more? Fill out our contact us form to set up your obligation-free consultation with us today! We look forward to helping you!

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