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What's a Low Level Fall?

Posted by Robert Walch | Feb 02, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Elderly low level fall lawsuit

Slip and fall accidents are a general term used to describe a type of personal injury that occurs when a condition on a property causes someone to sustain a minor or major injury as a result of a fall. At our Calabasas slip and fall law firm, we handle hundreds of these types of injuries and they can cause a wide range of injuries and happen on both private and public property. If you think you might have a case, you probably do. Walch law can help.

What is a Low Level Fall?

According to the National Trauma Data Bank, 30% of adults over the age of 65 will suffer an unintentional fall every year and many of these will be considered low level falls. Falling off a broken curb or tripping on the final stair are two common examples of a low level fall. Here are some common issues associated with this type of personal injury,include: sprains, breaks and fractures. And while those may sound like minor injuries, they are major in the elderly population. 

Elderly Falls Personal Injury Lawsuits

So can you really file a personal injury lawsuit when an older person sustains a low level fall? You can if the fall was the result of negligence. Just because an older individual might be more likely to fall does not mean that private and public properties don't still have a responsibility to keeping spaces and places safe. Here's a look at some common causes of low level falls for older and younger individuals alike:

  • dangerous floor conditions
  • maintenance issues
  • poor lighting
  • parking lots
  • poor stair maintenance
  • Wheelchair accidents

At Walch Law, we have the experience and track record of success you want helping with your Los Angeles slip and fall accident. Not only can we help get you compensation for your medical bills and continued physical support but we can also get you paid for things like missed work, pain and suffering and much more. While the source of your Los Angeles low level fall may seem minor, if you have injuries and the fall was caused by something that was not your fault then it is at least worth your time to give us a call and get a totally free case review by our team of talented attorneys. We are available 24/7 and take all of our cases on a contingency fee basis so do not delay! We look forward to helping you.

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Partner Robert Walch is passionate about helping individuals and families that are dealing with the aftermath of a serious personal injury or wrongful death accident. Robert has been working at Walch Law since 2000 and has developed a reputation as a caring and compassionate attorney that keeps his clients in the loop on the progress of their case and works hard to get the best results possible. Robert is a huge reason why the Walch Law Firm has a success rate of over 95% on their serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.


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