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Will New Gender Laws Impact Car Insurance Rates?

Posted by Robert Walch | Nov 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

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On October 15, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Gender Recognition Act which gives California residents the right to choose how they identify their gender on their drivers' license-- male, female or nonbinary. The nonbinary option will be available on licenses in 2019 but one thing that is up for discussion now is whether these new gender laws will impact the state's car insurance rates.

WLWT5 reports on the possible rate setting based on gender classification: "Companies have discretion in setting rates and being able to set a nonbinary transgender individual's rates at either male or female...people on social media have previously said that transitioning from male to female has lowered their rates, but the opposite can also happen." Where insurance companies will fall on nonbinary drivers will be watched closely by many groups to ensure that there is no discrimination taking place on this group of drivers.

State's differ on this topic but in California, car insurance companies are allowed to set different rates for different genders. The basis for higher rates for male drivers is simple-- men get into more car accidents than women. Here's some very interesting numbers looking at the impact of gender and accidents:

  • Men cause 6.1 million car accident a year compared to women who accounted for 4.4 million
  • Men get more traffic violations and DUI's than females

In all fairness to male drivers, their numbers are partially higher because they also drive a lot more than their female counterparts-- about 6,000 more miles every year according to the Federal Highway Administration. More miles= more chances for accidents.

However you identify, we can help you with your California car accident. Dealing with insurance companies following a car accident can be downright frustrating, especially when you know they are trying to lowball you. Working with an experienced attorney almost always ends up getting you significantly more money. We can also help with your medical needs. If you have recently been in a car accident, give us a call today to discuss your case further. We are available 24/7.

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