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Woman Sues Victoria's Secret For Flammable PINK Hoodie

Posted by Robert Walch | Sep 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Smoking hot! While that might be the goal for some when they put on their favorite Victoria's Secret item, it's meant in an entirely different sense than what happened to unhappy customer Samantha Burke. Cooking and wearing a hoodie from Victoria's Secret's PINK apparel line, she literally caught fire.

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Courthouse News reports on the recent lawsuit out of Texas, "While moving soup from burner to countertop, Samantha Burke smelled something burning and realized the drawstring on her Victoria's Secret PINK hoodie had caught fire." After the flames were put out, Burke dealt with not only the physical aftermath of her burns (third degree burns that required skin grafts) but also the emotional ones, "her sleep was haunted by nightmares of her being trapped in a fire in her home."

The damages, or financial demand, that is being made her is large and expansive. In serious personal injury cases, victims are dealing with injuries that last a lifetime and the compensation from the responsible party should properly reflect the impact the avoidable accident had on their life. In the case of Burke, she is seeking money not only for the easily quantifiable things like her medical bills and missed time at work but also for those things that are harder to place a number on-- the impact the scars have on her and the PTSD she is now experiencing. 

One of the things many people make the mistake of is taking an offer too soon or without consulting with an attorney. What happens in both those all-too-common scenarios? You get less money that you deserve. When you take an offer too soon or try to handle your case on your own, you miss out on the benefit of an extensive evaluation of your true and lasting injuries and the expertise a good personal injury attorney can provide. For instance, an attorney can help come up with an accurate forecast of the impact the injury will have on you going forward by working with your medical team. An attorney can also help make sure that other important things are factored into your settlement amount that would not be with an initial low offer, like money for dealing with your scarring and PTSD. Simply put, it always pays to work with an attorney for your personal injury case.

At Walch Law, we are here to help. If you have recently been injured and not sure where to begin the legal process, get int touch with us today and let's chat. You initial consultation (and all other conversations) with us is always free and designed to be a plain English explanation of your case, what we can do to help and what you can expect from working with us. We have an over 95% success rate and have been helping individuals and families just like you for over 40 years. 

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