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Woodland Hills Hit and Run Car Accident Tips

Posted by Robert Walch | Aug 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Woodland Hills Car Accident Lawyer

Woodland hills hit and run car accidents are some of the most frustrating types of car accidents to get into mainly because you are left stranded in your time of need. The other driver very illegally hit you and then sped off. While many hit and run drivers ultimately do get caught, you may currently find yourself in a situation where you have been the victim of a hit and run and not sure how you will handle all your incoming Woodland Hills car accident expenses. Walch Law is here to help.

Woodland Hills Hit & Run Legal Tips

  1. Check in with witnesses- you may not have had a chance to get many details of the car or truck that hit you but perhaps a pedestrian on the sidewalk or the car behind you was able to take note of things or maybe even remember their license plate. If you have the physical ability to get the information of witnesses to your hit and run accident, it will not only help the police try to track down the driver but will also help with your own Woodland Hills personal injury lawsuit but helping to piece together what happened.
  2. Take care of yourself- it sounds simple but too many people fail in this step. Whether you are stressed about missing work or the cost of a doctor visit, taking care of yourself and seeing the correct medical professionals is not only important to helping with your physical recovery following your serious auto accident, but it helps with your legal recovery as well. Seeing a doctor provides the necessary documentation to show just how badly you were injured and help to forecast the financial impact and medical needs going forward-- part of helping to come up with how much your Woodland Hills car accident case is worth. The sooner you go to a doctor the better. 
  3. Finding the right lawyer- a quick best Woodland Hills car accident lawyer search will get you a lot of results and finding the right attorney for you and your family can be a daunting task. Filing a Woodland Hills hit and run car accident lawsuit means that we will essentially be filing a lawsuit against your own insurance coverage-- similar to if you were hit by a driver that had no insurance at all. Insurance companies love to fight over every penny and will always start with a lowball offer which is why working with a firm that has experience always makes for the strongest case. Walch Law is a highly successfully group of lawyers that live in the area and want to help you. We know how to maximize your recovery, always make ourselves available to talk and get you results. On top of that, our clients like us. They know we care about them on a personal level and they know that unlike super big Los Angeles personal injury law firms that spend millions on marketing, their case won't get passed off to a paralegal and never hear from their attorney again. One call to Walch Law and you will see why we are the right choice. 

The time following a serious car accident is scary and seems uncertain. But hiring a law firm can do a lot to ease all your concerns, not just your legal ones. Give Walch Law a call today to set up your free initial consultation with us and let's being working together. We take all our car accident and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis meaning that hiring us will add no additional financial stress to your already stressful situation. We only get paid when we get you paid. We look forward to hearing from you

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Partner Robert Walch is passionate about helping individuals and families that are dealing with the aftermath of a serious personal injury or wrongful death accident. Robert has been working at Walch Law since 2000 and has developed a reputation as a caring and compassionate attorney that keeps his clients in the loop on the progress of their case and works hard to get the best results possible. Robert is a huge reason why the Walch Law Firm has a success rate of over 95% on their serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.


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