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$3 Million Verdict Awarded For Christmas Shopping Escalator Injury

Posted by Robert Walch | Dec 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

Escalator 20personal 20injury
Escalator Shopping Personal Injury

The most wonderful time of the year also means that the crowds at your local mall can make shopping quite dangerous. You read a lot about Black Friday shopping injuries (mainly in the form of fights and crowd trampling), but what about Christmas-time shopping injuries. One shopper from Arkansas just won a huge $3 Million verdict against the maker and manufacturer of an escalator he was riding on after his toe was seriously injured.

27 year-old Aisha Siddiqui's toe was "crushed and shredded" when her boot got caught in the escalator at Park Plaza shopping mall in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The Arkansas Gazette reports on just how the jury came to the $3 Million verdict, "Recovering from the injury set back Siddiqui's medical studies by years; while the loss of her toe will affect her forever. Every morning when gets out of bed and puts her feet on the floor she will have to deal with it. She estimated her earnings loss is between $1.5 and $5 Million." 

So what all is included in a $3 Million shopping personal injury verdict like this? Some numbers are easier to come by than others, as is the case with almost all larger personal injury verdicts. For instance, compensation for things like medical bills and missed work are tangible actual numbers whereas forecasting out pain and suffering or missed earnings potential require some educated assumptions. Here, the jury was looking at the actual accident and also the impact that something like this will have on Siddiqui for the rest of her life from a personal, professional, physical and emotional standpoint. 

Shopping injuries happen all the time and when they are not completely your fault, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit with Walch Law. Whether your Los Angeles shopping accident was the result of a malfunction like an escalator or elevator or other bad condition, we know how to get you paid for your injuries and experience. Stores, individuals and manufacturers can and should be held responsible for the injuries that they cause and we are here to help fight for you as your Los Angeles shopping injury lawyers. If you have been injured while shopping in Los Angeles or anywhere in California-- get in touch with us immediately to discuss your legal options further. We are available 24/7 and take all of our cases on a contingency fee basis so you do not pay us a penny until we get you paid. 

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