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E-Cigarette Personal Injury Lawsuits Continue To Rise

Posted by Robert Walch | Jan 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

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The increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes comes at a cost-- an increase in the number of personal injury lawsuits that is. E-cigarettes are popular for many reasons including being a "safer" alternative to traditional cigarettes and acceptable in more public places. So why the personal injury lawsuits? Simple- this type of technology is not without its flaws and other major issues. 

In 2017, there were 120 E-cigarette lawsuits filed throughout the United States for various injuries users incurred. Courthouse News reports on the details of the injuries, "At least 8 plaintiffs filed lawsuits claiming that electronic cigarettes exploded in their mouths with some saying the blasts knocked out teeth and caused third degree burns. Dozens of other claimants were scorched around their legs or groin when vaporizer batteries they were carrying in their pocket caught fire."

In addition to the serious personal injury lawsuits that are related to the defects and lack of warning on the E-cigarettes and vaporizers, there has also been the first but probably not the last wrongful death suit filed as well after 30 year-old New York resident died as a result of his E-cigarette shrapnel hitting his head. To date, there have been multiple million dollar settlements handed down in these cases that will continue as more serious injuries happen.

The basis of these vaporizer and E-cigarette cases rests on the theory of product liability. A multi-billion dollar industry, suits allege defective products, lack of warning and poor quality control among other issues. Various parties can be held responsible in these personal injury suits including the manufacturer, distributor and seller which can be helping in making sure that these large judgements get paid and to help effect a change for the better in this growing but minimally regulated industry. Not unlike cigarettes, this is an industry that is highly profitable and very litigious. The large settlements are designed to compensate those injured for their injuries, among other things.

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