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Los Angeles Bird Scooter Injuries

Posted by Robert Walch | Sep 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Bird & Lime Scooter Injuries

Birds and other scooters are growing in popularity all over LA and not surprising-- they are an easy way to get from one spot to another and avoid the notoriously bad Los Angeles traffic. But that does not mean they are not without their dangers, especially in beach cities like Santa Monica and Venice where they are particularly popular for short commutes. The Santa Monica and Venice scooter injuries happen on both ends-- by pedestrians getting hit but the scooter and by the scooter riders themselves, either way Walch Law is here to help.

Los Angeles Bird & Lime Scooter Injuries

Why are these scooter injuries happening so frequently? Here's a look at some of the common reasons for Los Angeles bird and scooter injuries:

  • Inexperienced riders: Scooters hitting and seriously injuring pedestrians is not uncommon and this is usually because the scooter rider is not able to control the scooter and hits an innocent bystander. If that is what happened to you, they owe you money for the injuries they have caused you and more. 
  • Visibility: The smaller the vehicle (or scooter), the harder it is to see the rider. Car and truck drivers are just getting used to the influx of scooter riders on the roads and sidewalks and they are not always on the lookout for them. Additionally, scooter riders are easily hidden so when they do appear it may not give a driver enough time to stop, causing a serious scooter accident.
  • Exposure: Similar but even more extreme than a motorcycle, scooters leave their riders extremely exposed with little protection. While that is part of the fun of riding a ride share scooter, it is also why scooter injuries can be so sever. No doors, no roof means that when someone on a Bird or Lime is hit by a car or truck, the impact happens directly to the rider. In addition to no physical cushion like a door and roof, scooter riders also miss out on the life-saving benefits that come with wearing a seatbelt and air bags.
  • Road hazards: Let's be honest, Los Angeles roads are not necessarily known for being nicely paved. Pot holes, construction and other road hazards are a major cause of scooter and bike accidents since the small wheels of these rides are not built with enough suspension.

So what can you do if you have been injured in a Los Angeles bird or scooter accident? You give the highly experience attorneys at Walch Law a call immediately as you very likely have a scooter personal injury lawsuit and we can help maximize your recovery. We are available 24/7 so call us NOW!

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