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Los Angeles Microblading Personal Injury Lawsuits

Posted by Robert Walch | Nov 27, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Los Angeles Microblading Injury Lawsuit

A type of semi-permanant makeup, microblading is all the beauty rage these days as celebrities and instagram personalities take to social media to show the before and after of their eyebrows. The only problem is that just like with any other beauty procedure, things can go wrong. Botched microblading injuries usually happen because the technician is not properly trained to perform the procedure and when you get injured from this type of procedure, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. If

Los Angeles Microblading Personal Injuries

How does a microblading injury occur? They can happen in the actual process or the removal process if an individual is unhappy with the results of their procedure and looking to get the makeup tattoo removed. Such was the case for one woman in Cleveland when she purchased the procedure from a Groupon and was not happy with the uneven eyebrow look she ended up with. Fox 8 Clevland reports on the multi-session painful removal process, "I didn't know she was going to be putting actual acid on my face. I didn't know it would be so harsh to my skin. It felt like my skin was melting off." Left with scars, Linda Le is now suing the salon and the technician for $25,000 plus attorneys fees on a theory of negligence.

Whenever you choose to undergo a cosmetic procedure, there is a certain element of risk involved that you assume; but that does not mean that does not mean that the doctor, nurse or technician is not held to a certain standard as well. Depending on what you are getting done, where your assumption of risk ends and their professional responsibility begins can seem blurry. Medical malpractice and negligence are two common theories of legal recovery following a procedure gone wrong and both can help to get you money for your injuries, whether they are permanent or temporary. In the case of a microblading personal injury, the scars that can occur as a result of the acid-based removal process are highly visible and may last a lifetime.

Microblading, facial peels and even manicures can cause Los Angeles beauty personal injuries and if you have been injured and think the injury was avoidable then let's talk. The sooner you get in touch with Walch Law the better when it comes to these types of cases because evidence is best fresh (and it also means we can get you paid faster). At Walch Law, we are a Los Angeles personal injury and wrongful death law firm dedicated to getting the most for our clients. We take all our cases on a contingency fee basis so you don't pay us a penny until we get you paid. Get in touch with us now!

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