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Los Angeles Wrongful Death Suit Filed Following 15 Minute 911 Delay

Posted by Robert Walch | May 31, 2018 | 0 Comments

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A $5 Million lawsuit against Los Angeles County and Sheriff McDonnell following the Christmas Eve death of 11 year-old  Ashley Flores following a fifteen minute delay in help. Flores suffered a fatal asthma attack and her family repeatedly tried calling 9-1-1, receiving delays, mis-routings and other issues before finally reaching help too late to save Lynwood-based Ashley Flores. 

NBC Southern California reports on the details of the young death, "Ashley was having trouble breathing midday last December 24 when her 16 year-old sister repeatedly called 911 pleading for her...she was repeatedly placed on hold and then routed to an empty fire station that went unanswered. Other family members also called finally reaching a fire dispatcher after five tries."

If you have ever called 911 then you know that time is of the absolute essence in getting someone help. Many people do not realize two things that are present in this case: 1- yes, you can sue government agencies for personal injuries and wrongful deaths such as this one and 2- there are special time limitations and filing rules making these cases extremely important to work with an experienced personal injury lawyers. 

Suing government agencies and offices (in this case, the city of Los Angeles and city Sheriff) requires the same liability showing as suing others-- that they did something negligent that lead to a serious injury or death. In the case of Ashley Flores, the family will be arguing that the City (managed under the Sheriff) was negligent in the management of their 911 service in repeatedly failing to respond to an urgent call. Additionally, the family will need to successfully show that it was this failure to respond that resulted in Ashley's death. Financial awards can vary greatly in wrongful death cases against the city of Los Angeles and the $5 Million that the family is seeking in this case are supposed to not only cover the expenses associated with the death and funeral but also with their loss.

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