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Pokemon Go Linked To Car Accidents

Posted by Robert Walch | Nov 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Are you trying to catch them all? That might be a bad idea if you are also trying to drive or walk across an intersection too. Purdue University recently released the results of their study of the impact this gaming phenomenon has on traffic accidents and the findings while not surprising are certainly alarming. 

SF Gate reports on the Tippecanoe, Indiana-based study, " We determine that users playing the virtual reality-based game Pokemon Go while driving gave rise to a disproportionate increase in vehicular crashes, injuries and fatalities in the vicinity of PokemonStops." How big is this increase? The study attributed 2 deaths, 31 injuries and $500,000 in vehicle damage. Taking the data to a national extrapolation, the study estimated that the seriously distracting game might be responsible for 256 deaths, 29,370 injuries and $2 billion + in damages.

When you are behind the wheel you are supposed to be distraction-free. California is a hands-free state which means that unless you are talking on a hand-free device (i.e. your car's blue tooth), you are not allowed to be holding your phone to be talking on the phone, texting or playing games like Pokemon Go. Why? For the very reason we wrote this blog- cell phones are distracting and lead to car accidents and deaths. The distraction of cell phones is causing so many accidents that some cities are even banning distracted walking to keep people's eyes and attention where it should be on the public roads. 

If you were hit by someone playing a game or engaging in another distraction on their phone, get in touch with us today. When these distractions lead to your injuries and damage to your car, the other driver should be held responsible for their actions. In addition to the ticket the police will issue for this offense, filing a claim against them can help you recover for your missed time at work, damage to your car and current and future medical help. We can help get you the money you deserve-- give us a call today to discuss more over your free consultation. 

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